Looking out at the Vercors from Belledonne

A Photographers Dream!

A photographers paradise, the French Alps. Dramatic scenery, changeable weather and the wildlife which all adds up to ‘No two days the same’ with unique and vivid photos.

Mountain Home


I moved to Sainte Agnes in 2018, an easy decision based on the gorgeous photogenic scenery, the village life and to escape the busy London life.  I brought my cameras, my ski and snowboard equipment and my walking gear, what else do I need!  I have been a photographer for quite a while, I suppose this feels like an evolutionary step, closer to my desired mojo.

Glacier Streams


Have a good dig around here, I continuously add new photos, some tips and Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop ideas to help you along the way.  If you want some extra advice or help, send me a message and say ‘Hi’ from the contact page.

Sea of Cloud over Grenoble

A Sea of Cloud over Grenoble

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NB: All the photos on this site are taken by me and were taken within a few hours walk or so.